On this website, you can find all of the images taken by Andreas Hejndorf at VM2015. All images are owned by Andreas Hejndorf, and may not be used without permission. Any unauthorized use will be charged 20 EUR per photo.

You can buy the photos on this website for 10 EUR / 75 DKK per photo. I have more photos than I show on this website - ask for more! Just fill in the form below. You can also buy an album of all my photos of your starting number. The price is 70 EUR / 500 DKK.

The photos will be delivered with my logo in the corner(as seen on this site). The price for having my logo removed is double the price you see above.
For editorial use the price per photo is 100 EUR / 750 DKK. Photos are delivered without my logo.

Price list
Single photo: 10 EUR / 75 DKK
Album of one starting number: 70 EUR / 500 DKK
Editorial: 100 EUR / 750 DKK

For commercial use, please contact me.